By Noelle Downey

Are you looking to spruce up your look for spring and stand out in the sunny weather? Don’t be fooled by the brilliant colors of this fresh new season; the newest cutting edge beauty trend of 2017 has effectively proven that even the more muted tones in the rainbow can be smooth, stunning and, of course, supremely stylish. Mauve is the talk of the spring season this year, with mauve accessories and make-up claiming their place as the must-have beauty staples of the most fashion-forward. This superb shade may be subtle, but it certainly doesn’t lack star power, and your favorite celebrity looks this spring are destined to be mauve masterpieces.

Whether adding a dash of color to a pretty pout or making nails look fabulous from every angle, see why mauve is the most versatile and stylish color and beauty trend of 2017 so far!

1. A Lovely Lip: Rockstar Rihanna looks fierce and fabulous with a light mauve lipstick that adds a touch of trendy to her already elegant celebrity style. The subtle shade compliments her glowing skin while adding a mesmerizing mauve sparkle to her perfect pout. Add a mauve lipstick to your make up bag to use when you want a natural look with a pop of color that draws the eye to your gorgeous smile.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Mauve Is In for Spring 2017
Rihanna. Photo: Instagram

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2. Novel Nails: At your next manicure, consider this shade of mauve as your preferred pigment, a trendy, grown-up alternative to a bold color like purple or pink. Find a lip tint that matches for a coordinated, stand-out look, or let your nails sparkle as a lovely touch to an otherwise ordinary outfit. This neutral tone on your nails will add just enough eye-catching color to make any look go from forgettable to fantastic.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Mauve Is In for Spring 2017
Mauve nails. Photo: byoube / Instagram

3. A Head Turning Hair Color: Ready for a big commitment to this hot new beauty trend? Say goodbye to boring brown or blonde locks, and say hello to this magnificent shade of mauve! Take the plunge and try this gorgeous all-over color on your hair, with undertones of purple and pink, to bring out your skin tone and make a stylish statement not soon forgotten. Pastel color hair is so in right now – take the opportunity to get the best out of this beauty tip with hair that will turn heads wherever you go.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Mauve Is In for Spring 2017
Mauve hair. Photo: lush_wigs / Instagram

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4. An Exceptional Eyeshadow: Reality star Kylie Jenner steps out in a simple black summer dress and some gorgeously subtle mauve eyeshadow that perfectly compliments her golden summer-ready skin. While Kylie keeps it casual and relaxed in these photos, her sweet smile shows she knows how runway-ready her choice of eyeshadow makes her look.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Mauve Is In for Spring 2017
Kylie Jenner wears mauve eyeshadow. Photo: hadid__jenner / Instagram

5. Amazing Accessories: While mauve make-up is certainly getting its time in the spotlight when it comes to celebrity beauty trends, if you’re interested in a stylish piece to add even more fashionista flair to your look, mauve accessories are here for you. This trendy mauve Michael Kors bag is the perfect way to show off how fashion-forward you are while also exhibiting the luxury name brands you love. Throw it over your shoulder to compliment a casual date at a coffee shop this spring and enjoy the flattery you receive by trendily taking advantage of this season’s mauve mania.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Mauve Is In for Spring 2017
Michael Kors bag in the color mauve. Photo: irosungozunden / Instagram

 What are some other beauty trends that incorporate the color mauve? Share your comments below.