By Whitney Johnson

On Thursday, March 23rd, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile will be doing an exclusive book signing of her best-selling dessert cookbook Indulge: Delicious Little Desserts That Keep Life Real Sweet. You can meet the reality TV star at Cabo – A Taste of Mexico in Rockville Centre, New York, at 7 p.m. EST.

Dessert Cookbook Signing with Reality TV Star Kathy Wakile

We had the pleasure of interviewing Wakile when her cookbook was first released, and she opened up about her favorite sweet treat for date night. She recommends baking her Chocolate Volcanoes. As she mentioned after our celebrity interview, “It should be served hot — and it’ll make your man feel hot too!” It’s no surprise that it’s her husband Richard’s favorite dessert.

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The reality TV star also opened up about the inspiration for the name of her cookbook. As fans may know, the title of her cookbook came from something she said on RHONJ: “We were talking about my desserts, and I mentioned how I see really, really skinny girls who deprive themselves of everything and who aren’t happy. So I said, “Honey, have a cupcake. Indulge. It’s not going to kill you!'” With that thought in mind, Wakile focused on mini desserts, so people can enjoy something sweet without feeling guilty afterwards. Happy baking!

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