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By Mallory McDonald

We have the perfect beauty trick to avoid spending large amounts of money at the salon every few weeks. Gray hair can come in fast and furious, and sometimes it may seem like it is impossible to cover up or get rid of. Now, you can cover up your gray hair efficiently at a low cost with the Cover Your Gray products. Covering up gray hair has never been so easy, as it offers a wide array of product application options in addition to brow and dry shampoo color solutions. Cover Your Gray wants to work with you to keep your hair healthy, youthful and strong. Get ready to wave goodbye to your gray!

Gray hair won’t be able to hold you back anymore! You can kick it to the curb with Cover Your Gray products! 

Touch-Up Spray   

Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Don’t Let Your Roots Get The Best Of You With Cover Your Gray

This aerosol spray, which is only $10, is a solution that helps boost volume while providing the quick color refresh you need before your next salon visit. For those nights out on the town that you just can’t make it to the salon before, this is perfect to make sure your hair looks flawless. This easily washes out with shampoo and lasts all day. From getting up to go to work, to dinner and a night out, your grays will be far away.

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Fill-In Power  

Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Don’t Let Your Roots Get The Best Of You With Cover Your Gray

One of the hardest things to handle is thinning hair, especially if you have tried multiple treatments and shampoos that just aren’t working. The Cover Your Gray Fill-In-Power is a tinted solution with complex natural botanicals that fills in hair and is working to help promote hair growth and prevent further hair loss. Fill-In-Powder is available in 4 color shades, is rain proof, sweat proof and blends seamlessly so no one can tell you have it on. For only $12, you never have to feel like your scalp is all people are noticing! It is never too late to budget your hair cost with these awesome products!

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One less thing to worry about with your daily beauty routine is those pesky gray hairs thanks to Cover Your Gray!