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Celebrity News: Blake Shelton Spends Christmas Eve With Girlfriend Gwen Stefani & Her Kids

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Blake Shelton Spends Christmas Eve With Girlfriend Gwen Stefani & Her Kids
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Family have an impromptu concert on Christmas. Photo: Snapchat

By Cortney Moore

In exciting holiday-related  celebrity news, country singer Blake Shelton spent Christmas Eve with his girlfriend Gwen Stefani and her three children, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo Rossdale got. This is a serious move for the celebrity couple who has been together for over a year now. According to, the platinum blonde songstress and her sons   were treated to a private show by Shelton! Based on Stefani’s Snapchat stories, the  40-year-old country heartthrob played guitar while accompanied by an accordion and a backing guitar. And it appears that Shelton’s music was a hit since it got all three kids to dance around the living room! The festivities didn’t end there, however. According to E!, the couple also enjoyed a family meal together alongside Stefani’s father and siblings. This will surely be a  Christmas Eve to remember for the celebrity couple!

In celebrity news, it looks like things are getting serious for this famous couple! What are some ways to know whether it’s the right time to bring your partner home for the holidays?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are in full force, and with that comes holiday outings. Your family will most likely expect to see you this year, but you also want to spend time with the person you love. An easy solution to this predicament is to invite your partner to your home, however, keep in mind that this should be done with care. Let Cupid help you figure out if it’s the right time bring your loved one home for the holidays:

1. Consider the timing: Before you invite your loved one to your house for the holidays, you need to think of how long you’ve been together. Will your family appreciate this new addition to their gathering? Also make sure you’ve given your partner enough notice so they can figure out their plans, you could be pulling them away from their family’s festivities.

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2. Let your family know: Surprises are nice and all, but most people don’t enjoy having surprise visitors at their doorstep. Be considerate and let your family know you want to invite your loved one well before the holidays.   Especially if you’re not the head of the household . You want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible.

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3. Introduce your siblings first: If your new beau hasn’t met your parents yet, or anybody else important to your life- introducing them to a mutual party can be very helpful . Siblings are a great option since you can often get them to align themselves with you before the big meeting with your parents. This is a nice way to ensure a smooth holiday gathering.

Have you ever invited your partner to your family’s holiday events? What was it like? Share your stories below!

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