By Mallory McDonald

In recent celebrity news, one of Hollywood’s favorite celebrity couples, Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall shared with   they are more than content just where their relationship is. The two have been together for a year and a half now and are balancing both of their demanding schedules. “They have been really busy but always make time to see each other,” an insider shared. “They are very content with how things are going in their relationship. They enjoy the simple and quiet times together,” the source adds, noting that they’ve taken a big step in their relationship. “Bryan and Sandra live together, and he helps with Sandra’s kids like they are his own.”

This celebrity news has us realizing engagement and marriage isn’t for everyone. What are some signs it’s not the right time to get engaged?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Sometimes a relationship is going perfectly just where it is at, and taking the next step may not be the right decision. Use these tips to help make that difficult decision:

1. Content: If neither you or your partner are discussing or itchy to get engaged don’t. It can be a clear sign that you both are enjoying the stage your relationship is at.

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2. Cold feet: If the thought of getting engaged brings either you and your partner any anxiety or stress just realize that your relationship is still in the growing stages and it isn’t the right time.

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3. Financial obligations: Engagements and weddings can be an expensive undertaking if you both are content with your relationship and aren’t financial prepared don’t rush it.

How did you know it wasn’t the right time to get engaged?