By Kayla Garritano

It’s social media official! Hilary Duff officially announced her new celebrity relationship with Jason Walsh by posting a picture on Instagram. The picture shows the celebrity couple sharing a kiss on Sunday, October 16 with a black and white filter. According to, Hilary’s new romance with her personal trainer sparked rumors after the duo stepped out together earlier this year, but this marks the first time their relationship has been displayed for the world to see.

This new celebrity couple is making it social media official! What are some benefits to announcing your new relationship on social media?

Cupid’s Advice:

Congratulations on your new relationship! Now all you want to do is show it off to everyone, and that’s what social media is for. There are many apps and sites that will help you announce the news, and Cupid is here with some dating advice:

1. Show them off: You really like your new partner, and all you want to do is show them off to everyone. Putting pictures on social media of your new relationship shows everyone how happy you are and displays how happy they make you feel. You get to easily say, “This is my boyfriend; isn’t he great?” or “This is my girlfriend, isn’t she amazing?” in a picture. Be proud to show them off!

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2. Share the happiness: You’re happy, so everyone else should be, too. The people who care about you want to see you happy, and want to make sure you are doing well. If they see positive pictures, they will be sure to feel happy as well. Spread the love!

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3. Stop the rumors: If you’re like Hilary Duff, there may be a rumor about you having a new boyfriend before you confirm anything. In fact, it happens a lot in celebrity news. But when you’re both ready, you can publicly display your relationship and stop everyone from gossiping. There’s no rush to doing this, but a benefit of announcing your new relationship on social media is helping to hush the whispers.

Have you ever posted about your new relationship on social media? Comment below!