This post was sponsored by Alpessence. 

By Kayla Garritano

Let’s be honest! You want a skin product that will keep your natural beauty, but also rejuvenates that youthful glow, keeping you feeling young and vibrant. You also want the quality product of a luxury brand, without the luxury prices. And, it’s likely you’d rather save time on applying those products instead of struggling through a series of time-consuming processes.

Alpessence is the brand to buy, as it provides you with the quality of a luxury brand for lower prices and the results you deserve.

Alpessence also has cutting edge anti-aging technology. The Switzerland-made brand has the country’s latest high-tech, anti-aging treatments baked in to bring directly to you. All Alpessence products are formulated with Rose Stem cells and other precious luxury ingredients. Because of these ingredients, you will feel reinvigorated. Plus, all of the damage to your body caused by stress and various toxins you’re exposed to in your daily life will be repaired. Also, as an extra benefit, they will also improve your immune functions.

One product that you should definitely give a go is the moisturizing refining mask. This moisturizer should be applied before you go to bed, and the overnight moisture-firming mask will help you to eliminate lines and wrinkles. It will help boost all the natural skin functions, because it not only satisfies the skin’s need for energy to detoxify, but it also renews and rekindles vitality for a new level of anti-aging efficacy. It even helps to maintain the skin’s ideal moisture level as it soothes and minimizes fine lines. At $109, you’d be getting your money’s worth for a product that does more that decrease wrinkles.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Fight Aging Skin & Save Time: Alpessence

For the same price, you can also get the silky dew moisturizer supplement, which is an every-day use product. It combines collagen and pearl to nourish and moisturize your skin whenever needed. As Aplessence says, “It’s your daily anti-wrinkle ally for ageless beauty.”

Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Fight Aging Skin & Save Time: Alpessence

Alpessence has received a great amount of praise from various YouTube Stars, such as ImogenHearts, saying it was one of her favorite skin care products of 2016. It’s also received high approval ratings from the Chicago Tribune and Halfstack Magazine Online. 

The products are non-irritating, and they have no added artificial fragrance, dyes or ingredients that can harm the health and function of your skin. The company also does not test on amimals

If you’re feeling like you need a new brand in your life and want the product that is worth what you’re paying, try out Alpessence, available in 14 countries online!