By Nicole Caico

Apparently, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s game plan is to stay single. Lochte had everyone guessing about his relationship status as he posted photos of himself and Playboy playmate Kayla Rae Reid. According to, a source commented on the relationship between Lochte and Reid saying, “Ryan was with a Playmate. He didn’t meet her on Tinder. He is on Tinder though. He thinks she is hot, that’s about it.” Looks like there’s no celebrity relationship here. Lochte is a single celebrity playing the field.

In celebrity news, it looks like this Olympian is holding off on a serious relationship. What are some ways to tell if someone is relationship-driven or just looking to have fun?

Cupid’s Advice:

There is nothing more frustrating than misreading whether someone is looking for a relationship or just looking to have fun. Here are some ways to spare yourself the heartbreak and awkward conversations:

1. Social media: Check the person’s Instagram or Snapchat account to get an idea of what they’re like. If every picture is with a a different girl at a different party, chances are this person is just looking to gave fun.

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2. Contact: If you meet someone and they keep up conversation after meeting, this may be a sign that they are looking for a relationship. If communication is nonexistent or spotty, chances are the other person is just looking to have fun.

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3. Ask: If you know you’re just in it for a hook-up or you’re in it for the long term, say something. If both of you seem to like each other, it could be worth a shot to ask. If anything, it will save you time and hurt feelings if you clear things up before they get serious.

Why are you relationship-driven or just looking to have fun? Comment below!