By Nicole Caico

Nothing takes up more room in your kitchen than a baby’s high chair. When it’s time for your little one to sit down for a meal, the high chair may not seem like¬†such an obstacle, but for a majority of the time, it’s empty and just taking up space.

The solution? Provide one seat that doubles in use for baby and adult!

The Beyond Junior Y High Chair from Abiie can accommodate everyone from baby to adult. Instead of having to push a bulky high chair into a corner when guests come over, the Beyond Junior chair can be quickly transformed into a seat for your older guests. It’s easy to clean,¬†with a waterproof seat cushion and one hand removable tray that can be easily put in the dishwater. It’s also easy to fold for travel or storage.

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You can find the Beyond Junior Y High Chair at varying prices, depending on the retailer, all just shy of about $200. If you’re planning to buy a high chair for your little one, the Beyond Junior chair is an investment. It will transform to fit your needs and your child’s as they grow.

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