Actor Liam Neeson opens up about wife Natasha Richardson’s tragic death in March’s issue of Esquire, according to People.  Neeson, who lost Richardson nearly two years ago in a skiing accident, is still stricken with grief from time to time. “You can’t prepare for it.  You think you’re gonna cry and get it over with. You make those plans, but they never work,” Neeson says. He attributes distractions as a way to avoid depression, even going so far as to say he would “run away to work.”

What makes people runaway when faced with a difficult situation?

Cupid’s Advice:

When something unexpected happens, a basic “fight or flight” instinct kicks into gear. Your reaction depends on the type of person you are. Cupid has some ideas:

1. Face it: It may be easier to turn a blind eye and avoid the problem, but that won’t make it go a way. You can only avoid something for so long before you’re forced to deal with it.

2. Take some time: Sometimes the way you want to react to a situation may not always be the correct way. By taking some time to process what has just happened, you can readjust your reaction to a more appropriate one.

3. You’re overwhelmed: Grief can bring out a laundry list of emotions we may not express on a regular basis. This new and scary encounter can be overwhelming at first and cause people to avoid the problem rather than confront it.