By Nicole Caico

In an interview for the August issue of Town & Country magazine, Diane Kruger opens up about the positive impact her celebrity relationship with Joshua Jackson has had on her life. According to, Kruger told the mag, “Meeting someone like my partner, who has a very different perspective, who likes to travel in a different way and be open to various experience, was so important.” This celebrity couple started dating in 2006, and they seem to be as strong as ever.

This celebrity couple news has us smiling. What are some ways a good relationship can change your life for the better?

Cupid’s Advice:

While being on your own can be extremely rewarding, being in a relationship that helps you grow can be equally rewarding. Getting into a relationship is always a risk, but when things go well the pay off is huge. A good relationship can change your life for the better:

1. Expanding your horizons: Much like Kruger expressed, being in a relationship with someone who is different from you can help you gain new perspective. From hobbies to political views, you never know what you might learn when you let your guard down and let the person you’re dating talk.

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2. Help me help you: A good relationship provides a feeling of security. Feeling support from the person you are dating will allow you to try new things on your own. Whether it’s taking a new job, getting a new haircut, or realizing something about yourself the support from your SO can help get you over the hump of hesitation that has been holding you back from your true potential.

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3. Get excited: A good relationship doesn’t mean you have to soul search and have some sort of major epiphany. If it does, awesome. If not, fine. The major perk of being in a good relationship is that you get to be who you are, and get excited to do things with someone else. A good relationship can change your life for the better by simply making everyday activities more fun because you’re sharing them with someone else. Revolutionize food shopping or binge watching Netflix by sharing it with the person you love.

How has your relationship changed your life for the better? Comment below!