By Brooke Crawford

According to, Black Chyna recently informed boyfriend Rob Kardashian about her future goals of marriage and kids. This celebrity baby news announcement may be too soon for this recently formed celebrity couple of two months. Sources say that Kardashian is a whole new person since beginning a celebrity relationship with the 27 year old mother of son King Cairo.

There could be another celebrity baby in Hollywood down the road. What are some ways to decide if you and your partner are ready to have a child?

Cupid’s Advice:

A baby is something to take seriously as it changes the dynamic of your relationship with your partner. See below for Cupid’s relationship advice:

1. Perfect is unrealistic: When you decide to have kids, the things you are normally accustomed to doing are no longer realistic. A spotless house or having it all together come secondary to your new responsibilities as a mother. Make sure that you are ready for a full time commitment to any child you decide to have.

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2. Emotional wreck: You and your partner need to be in a healthy emotional state. A baby can be emotionally and psychologically straining on a relationship. Parenting has a tendency to intensify whatever problems may be already present. Be sure to check in with a professional to ensure you and your partner are emotionally ready to handle parenthood.

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3. Having a home: Children need to feel safe and loved during their developmental stages. This sense of stability comes from having a stable place to grow up in. If you and your partner are not able to provide a home for your child, then maybe it is a good idea to hold off on the baby plans until you are more stable.

A child is a huge commitment to not only the baby, but also your relationship. How did you know your relationship is ready for a child? Comment below.