By Brooke Crawford

Recent celebrity news is buzzing about Lea Michele trying to get back to normal after her recent break-up with Matthew Paetz. According to, Michele’s best friend, Jonathan Groff, has been supportive through many of her rough times. Michele recently took to social media by posting a photo of Groff and herself having a moment filled with smiles and cuddling. Groff has supported Michele in trying to get back to normalcy after the end of her two year long celebrity relationship.

This celebrity news has us thanking our friends for their support. What are some ways to support a good friend through a bad break-up?

Cupid’s Advice:

It is never fun watching your friend suffer through the post break-up blues. Keep reading for relationship advice from Cupid:

1. Create a distraction: After a break-up, most often all we want to do is just mope around in our pajamas. Help your friend by getting out of the house to attend a fun event. Heading over to the movie theater to watch a newly released thriller can be a great way to take your friend’s mind off of a break-up.

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2. Surprise girl’s night: A night in with close girlfriends can help ease the pain. Load up on the junk food, sweets, and if need be, a bottle of wine. Center the night around facials, girl talk, and lots of laughs. Your friend will appreciate you for it.

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3. Be there: Being a friend does not always involve being actively caught up in post break-up activities. Lending a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen could be all the support your friend needs. Try to remember that their healing process is not on your time schedule. Be present and support however they need.

Breakups are a hard thing to sort through. How have you supported friends through tough times? Comment below.