By Jasmine Igwegbe 

It’s a baby boy! In celebrity baby news, R&B singer Ne-Yo welcomed a new celebrity baby with his wife Crystal Renay. The celebrity couple announced seven months ago that they were expecting. According to, Neyo stated, “Clearing the air … @mscrystalrenay and I are ENGAGED to be married next year..And yes we are expecting #FromTheHorsesMouth.” Renay shared a picture on Snapchat recently of their newborn celebrity baby, saying, “Prince SJ has arrived!” This is Renay’s first child and Ne-Yo’s third.

There’s more happy celebrity baby news in Hollywood! What are some ways to compromise with your partner when it comes to naming your child?

Cupid’s Advice:

Naming your child is exciting, but it can also be aggravating. There’s a possibility that you and your partner may not agree on a name. However, Cupid has some advice to help you compromise with your partner when it comes to naming your child:

1. Ask questions and listen: Instead of telling your partner what to name the child, start to asking question to get their point of view on something. Ask your partner what is it that they really want. When they are ready to answer your questions and tell you, listen. Don’t assume you know the answer; be open.

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2. Be a team player: Approach the situation as a team player. Instead of blaming each other, solve the problem as a team. For instance, make a list of baby names you each like, and then swap that list to cross off any names of which you disapprove.

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3. Be open-minded: Learn how to step out of your comfort zone and see your partner’s perspective on things. Naming your baby is a touchy topic and can be emotional to discuss. Imagine how you’d feel if you had your heart set on a name and your partner shot it down. Baby names are usually tied up with one’s identity, and when rejected by a partner, it feels like a personal rejection. Be conscious of your partner’s feelings when figuring out a name for your baby.

What are some other ways you can compromise with your partner when it comes to naming your child? Share your ideas with us below!