Taylor Swift’s breakup with actor Jake Gyllenhaal has not had any lasting effects on the country crooner, reports UsMagazine.com Swift is heading out on a worldwide tour for her new album Speak Now and is excited for the opportunity.  “I can’t wait!” revealed Swift on a Nashville radio station.  “Getting back on the road is something I have been looking forward to for a really long time.”  Gyllenhaal, 30, broke up with Swift, 21, last month.  Since the breakup, the two have briefly reunited for a dinner at Nashville restaurant Bound’ry. Though Swift was “thrown” by the date, Gyllenhaal wished “to see if there was anything still between them, if they could recapture the magic,” revealed a source.  “Sadly, it wasn’t there.”

What are ways to distract yourself from heartbreak?

Cupid’s Advice:

All individuals react to breakups differently. While some immediately put the past behind them, others turn to a gallon of chocolate ice cream. Here are a few ways to distract yourself from heartache:

1. Keep busy: Try volunteering in your spare time, or pick up a part-time job. If your current job is already time-consuming, then try putting even more effort into it.  Don’t allow yourself too much time to mourn your past relationship.

2. Meet new people: Take a class, attend a sporting event or go to a concert. Going somewhere with a large group of people will help you socialize and make new friends, which will fill part of the void left by your ex-partner.

3. Visit family: Find an excuse to visit your parents or a sibling for the weekend. Your family will not only distract you, but they will probably help you recover because they understand you better than anyone else.