By Emily Hoff

In celebrity news, there’s going to be one less lonely girl and a new celebrity couple in town now that Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy, proposed to longtime girlfriend Chelsey Rebelo last week during the couple’s vacation in St.Barts. According to, you can view the proposal on Jeremy’s very own Twitter account.

This celebrity couple union may create an instant family. What are some ways to bond with your partner’s kid?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s really important to bond with your partner’s kid(s) if you want to have a successful relationship. Cupid has some tips:

1. Know your place: Becoming a step parent in a child’s life can sometimes be very difficult because they feel like you are trying to be the parent they already have. So, when trying to bond with your partner’s kid, feel it out and don’t make try to act as their parent until they feel comfortable with it.

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2. Find something they like: Once you have found your place with your partner’s kids, bond over something they like. If they like shopping, then take them shopping. If they are into a certain type of music, take an interest in that. Find something they’re interested in and bond over that.

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3.Take trips/vacations as a family: Trips and vacations are an easy way to create an instant memory. Make sure the whole family is included and you will have something to bond over for years.

What are some ways you bond with your partner’s kid? Comment below.