By Abbi Comphel

There may be a new celebrity couple in Hollywood, and some people are not happy about it. There have been rumors, according to, that Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Rob Kardashian is dating Blac Chyna. Chyna posted a telling Instagram photo that depicts an arm around her. That arm has tattoos that look suspiciously like Kardashian’s. This celebrity news may start a riff between Kardashian and his family. Chyna was previously with celebrity ex Tyga and also has a baby with him. He is now dating Kylie Jenner. Let’s hope there is not too much drama down the road!

This celebrity news is drama-ridden! What are some things to consider before stirring up drama by dating someone your family doesn’t approve of?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having your family involved with your relationships can be very difficult, especially when they do not like the person you are dating. Cupid has some advice on what to consider before dating someone your family doesn’t approve of:

1. Aftermath: If you and the person you are dating do decide to break up, think about how hard it will be. Your family will not want to be there for you because they did not approve in the first place. They will probably say, “I told you so.” Be sure it’s worth it before you jump in.

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2. Distance: You and your family may lose the closeness you once had. There will be a riff between you that may not be able to be fixed. Your relationship can change with them.

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3. Fighting: Your family may try to give you and your partner a chance, but there will no doubt be fighting because they will not 100% agree with your choices. They just have to let you do what makes you happy.

What are some things you think should be considered before dating someone your family doesn’t approve of? Comment below!