By Dejha Carlisle

The claws are definitely out. In the latest celebrity news, reality TV star Camille Grammer is still not getting along with her celebrity ex, Kelsey Grammer. Camillle told a source that it’s really hard to communicate with her ex, let alone co-parent with him. The ex celebrity couple split back in 2010, after Kelsey was having an affair with his now wife Kayte Walsh. Camille tells, “He’s got to think of his children first.”

This celebrity news is laced with drama. What are some tactics to try when it comes to getting along with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

No one ever said it was easy getting along with an ex, especially if you ended on bad terms. Cupid has a few ways that can help you keep it cordial:

1. Be the bigger person: Don’t belittle your ex or do the infamous name calling. This gives them the upper hand in making you look bad. Being mature and respectful can put you both in a more positive place with each other.

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2. Don’t be arrogant: Try to refrain from flaunting your new partner if you have one. This can cause jealousy and mixed emotions in the other person, and that definitely won’t make you two get along.

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3. Boundaries: Keeping your distance from your ex is also good. You two should have set boundaries that your both know not to cross. This will allow for more mutual respect.

How did you get along with an ex? Share your thoughts below.