By Emily Hoff

In the latest celebrity news, on Wednesday Mob Wives star “Big Ang” hosted a viewing party at her Staten Island Bar, “The Funky Monkey.” It was a lively event, filled with other reality TV stars and celebrities.

Celebrity News: ‘Mob Wives’ star Big Ang Hosts Viewing Party with Reality TV Stars

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Dr. Philip Trigiani was a sponsor of the event. He practices acupuncture & massage in Manhattan and is reported to be aiding “Big Ang” throughout her medical & health journey. Imagine a bowl full of sardines, all trying to swim to the top, or in this case, a bar of Mob Wives fanatics swarming to catch a glimpse of Big Ang. Once she came out, there was no chance of moving anywhere. It’s a miracle no one was hurt. In fact, Dr. Phil even had to stop and give a massage (we have a picture of it) to the night’s main event organizer, who did a great job in the beginning but after a while the scene was just out of control.

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Angelina from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” attended to show her support for Big Ang. Gift bags were given out valued at more than $200, featuring Grungy Vapes.