By Abbi Comphel

There may be a new celebrity couple in Hollywood. According to, Courteney Cox and Will Arnett grabbed dinner on Tuesday in Beverly Hills. Cox just recently split from her celebrity ex, Johnny McDaid. Arnett and Cox have been friends for some time. Their celebrity relationship may be something more. We will just have to wait to see!

This potential new celebrity couple isn’t trying to hide! How do you know you’re ready to move on from an ex?

Cupid’s Advice: 

A break-up can be taken really hard or you can move on quickly. Cupid has some relationship advice on when you will know that you are ready to move on from your ex:

1. Just a memory: If you feel like your ex is just another lesson learned, then you have really moved on. Now your relationship has just become a memory in the past. This means you are able to move on and start new relationships.

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2. Not bitter: When you see your ex mingling with other people it does not bother you anymore. They aren’t in your thoughts anymore and you don’t feel bitter about your break-up. You will feel like it was meant to be.

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3. Happy with yourself: You will find peace with yourself and your ex. You will no longer feel empty or miss the routine you once had. The best way to know you have moved on is if you wake up in the morning feeling happy and blessed for the life you have.

When do you know you’re ready to move on from your ex? Comment below!