Hot new Hollywood couple, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene were spotted on their late night date at a Hibachi restaurant in Baton Rouge. According to People, managers at the restaurant they were dining at, Ichiban, said, “They were really friendly, they just walked in, sat down, and the word started going around that they were here.”  The source also said that the duo didn’t ask for a private table or special treatment.  They also consented to posing for pictures and signing autographs after their meal.

What makes a restaurant romantic for a date?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Dimly lit: A restaurant that is low on lighting tends to give a feeling of privacy and usually proves to be the most intimate dating experience.

2. Smaller: You don’t necessarily need the hottest restaurant in town to have the most romantic time. Sometimes the smaller restaurants have a cozy feeling.

3. Ethnic decor: Restaurants with an atmosphere that make you feel as though you’re abroad adds a sense of mystery to the evening, which can be ultra romantic!