By Kyanah Murphy

John Legend wasn’t lying when he sang, “All of me loves all of you.” Legend has been over the moon about his wife’s celebrity pregnancy and the celebrity news site reveals that Legend has always been attracted to pregnant women. He finds them incredibly beautiful. What a luck celebrity couple! If Legend’s views of his wife are of any tell, this celebrity baby is going to be very loved.

This celebrity pregnancy isn’t passing by without attraction! What are some ways to make your pregnant partner feel special?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Your partner is carrying your child, which calls for some special treatment. If you’re looking for some ideas on making your pregnant partner feel special, Cupid has three tips to get you started:

1. Cook for your partner: Make your mother-to-be a surprise breakfast in bed or maybe their favorite meal for dinner. Consider being the ace partner of the year and take up cooking as part of your daily chores.

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2. Pick up more chores: Do a couple extra chores that are usually left to your partner. She needs all the rest she can get (besides, cleaning will be the last thing on her mind right now).

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3. Take maternity photos: Capture your partner’s glowing pregnancy through photographs. Show her and your future family the beauty of her pregnancy and the lovely details you’ve seen in her during these last months.

How did you make your partner feel special during her pregnancy? Comment below!