By Abbi Comphel

Celebrity couple Ariel Winter and Laurent Claude Gaudette have possibly called it quits. reports that the Modern Family star has been posting hints on her social media channels that her relationship status has changed. This celebrity news is very heartbreaking, and we hope it’s not true! Their celebrity relationship lasted two years.

This celebrity news could end in heartbreak! What are some ways to let your family and friends know about your recent break-up?

Cupid’s Advice:

It can be hard ending a relationship with someone you really care about…and letting your family and friends know can be even worse. Cupid has some love advice to consider:

1. Use social media: If you don’t want to personally talk to your family and friends, let them know on social media. It’s the easiest way to share the news with everyone at the same time. They may ask questions, but you can just let them know that you need some space right now.

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2. Send a message: Send your loved ones a text or e-mal. This approach will give you the chance to really think about how you want to share your sad news. Let them know if you need time or if you need them to be there with you. They’ll understand either way!

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3. Talk in person: If you need love and support, then let your family and friends know in person. Ask them to bring over some ice cream and cookies. They can try to cheer you up or just listen as you work through your break-up.

What are some ways to let your family and friends know about your split? Comment below!