By Abbi Comphel

Celebrity couple Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett aren’t fans of watching their own TV show. According to, Wilkinson admitted they don’t watch Kendra on Top because they don’t want to live through it again. Their celebrity marriage has been rocky enough, and they don’t want to make it worse. Wilkinson and Baskett have had some troubles in their celebrity relationship, but they are trying to make it work for their children.

This celebrity couple stays away from instant replay. What are some reasons to avoid recapping arguments you had with your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Arguments can be rough and really shake up a relationship. So, recapping an argument may not be the best idea. Cupid has some reasons why you should avoid recapping arguments with your partner:

1. Still sensitive: One or both of you may still be upset about the argument. So why bring it up again? Emotions may still be high due to this argument and can cause you two to be upset once again.

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2. New arguments: Recapping old arguments can lead to new ones. You may still be upset about the old argument and that causes you to bring up new problems that are bothering you as well.

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3. More fighting: If you bring up an argument that has already taken place, it may cause more fighting. One of you may still have an opinion about who was right or who was wrong and that can lead to the same argument and nobody wants that.

What do you think are some reasons to avoid recapping arguments you had with your partner? Comment below!