By Abbi Comphel

Celebrity couple Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman enjoyed a special honeymoon together. According to, after their celebrity wedding the two headed over to Fiji to enjoy more time together. Port shared pictures on Instagram of herself and her new husband on their celebrity honeymoon. The two are so happy together, and we are happy for them!

Whitney is capturing memories after her celebrity wedding! What are some unique ways to capture memories with your significant other?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Being newlyweds can be extremely exciting! As a couple who is head over heels in love you want to be sure to capture every moment together. Cupid has some advice on the best way to capture memories together:

1. Photo shoot: Find a photographer and have he or she do a photo shoot of the two of you. You can go to the beach, the middle of a field or a beautiful park. After the pictures are done, you can hang some of them in your home.

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2. Polaroid camera: Buy yourself a polaroid camera. They are such a fun way to take cute up close pictures. And you can have the picture in an instant! You can take tons of pictures like this and make a collage of them.

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3. Disposable camera: Another cute way to have fun with creating memories is to buy yourself a disposable camera. The best part about this kind of camera is you won’t know what the pictures will look like until you develop the film. It leaves a surprise and will make it much more exciting.

What do you think are the best ways to capture memories with your significant other? Comment below!