By Kyanah Murphy

It’s heartbreaking to be left, no matter the circumstances. shares the celebrity news that Mary-Louise Parker finally opened up about her former celebrity relationship with Billy Crudup, in which he left Parker during her celebrity pregnancy. Surprisingly, Parker’s reveal was a letter in a book she wrote. Though sad, the letter is amicable. She even ended up apologizing to Crudup and saying rather kind words, such as stating his story is mostly beautiful. Way to go, girl. Way to find your peace.

Mary-Louise Parker had no support during her celebrity pregnancy. What are some ways to support your partner throughout her pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Mary-Louise Parker’s story is a sad one. Nobody should be left abruptly, not even a celebrity going through a celebrity pregnancy. In fact, this is when someone needs you the most. So, Cupid is here to offer tips on how to support your partner through pregnancy:

1. Take on more chores: Your partner will still be able to do things around the house, but some things may be limited, such as vacuuming. She won’t be able to bend over and pick up articles on the floor to move them out of the way. Help her out by taking on what she can’t do.

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2. Be there for her: No matter the time, day or night (read: middle of the night), be there for your girl. If she needs something or wants something, don’t be afraid to help her get it. Even if it’s an outrageous request like peanut butter and pickles.

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3. Support her: Go with her to doctor’s appointments. Support her decisions. Listen to what she has to say. She might be going through some crazy emotional times but her words are still valid.

Do you have a baby? How did you support your partner? Comment below!