By Abbi Comphel

Former celebrity couple Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton may be back together. According to EOnline.comthe celebrity exes were spotted hanging out at a nightclub called The Box in Soho. The two have been on and off for quite some time now. They weren’t able to make it work due to distance. As of now they are just friends, but we will see!

Sometimes former celebrity couples come back together! What are some things to consider before reuniting with an ex?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Some relationships never truly end. It can be easy to get back together with your ex because you are so used to each other and have so much history together. But Cupid has some dating advice on things to consider when reuniting with an ex:

1. Change: Is it a good idea to get back into the same old relationship? If you both believe you have changed for the better and will work on what didn’t work in the past, then give it another try. But if you still see the same person, then it will not work like you want it to.

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2. Love: Do you still love each other? Or is it just the loneliness that is getting to you. You have to think about these things. Do not settle just because you feel like you need something or somebody in your life. You may have loved your ex at one point, but feelings can change and they may not be the person you fell for.

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3. Routine: Falling back into the same routine may not be the best thing for you. Why didn’t it work in the first place? Venture out. See other people, go see the world. Don’t fall back into something that has hurt you so many times.

What do you think are some things to consider before reuniting with an ex? Comment below!