By Abbi Comphel

Celebrity exes Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are moving on in different ways. According to, Lambert just celebrated her 32nd birthday with some of her closest friends. She went horse riding and had a blast. While the newest celebrity couple Shelton and Gwen Stefani made their first appearance on the voice as a couple. While this new celebrity relationship is super adorable, we hope Lambert is doing well!

From celebrity exes to new celebrity couples, life does move forward. What are some ways to be sensitive to your ex when you embark on a new relationship?

Cupid’s Advice: 

When it comes to old and new relationships, things can move pretty quickly. It may not leave time for each person to catch up with  their feelings if needed. Cupid has some advice on ways to be sensitive to your ex when you enter a new relationship:

1. Let them know: If you and your ex are still friends or they are still having a hard time then they should be the first to know about your relationship. You don’t want them to be even more upset. Just give them a call or text, so they know ahead of time instead of seeing your Instagram post.

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2. Be discrete: If they ask you about your new relationship, answer less as possible. They are only asking because they want to know if you are doing worse or better without them. Don’t let them know everything, because it will just eat them alive.

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3. Don’t brag: If you have social media then everyone knows how happy you are in your new relationship. But don’t brag or post about it too much if your ex has you on these sites. If you are really worried about hurting your ex, then maybe keep your new relationship on the down low for now.

What are ways to be sensitive to your ex when you are entering a new relationship? Share below!