In this week’s relationship advice video, matchmaker and dating expert Suzanne Oshima talks to relationship author Duana Welch about why living together doesn’t prepare you for more. Check out their dating advice in the video above!

Relationship Advice On Moving In Together

Although it might be quite shocking and contrary to popular belief, surveys show that moving in together actually won’t benefit your relationship and love. It might even make it suffer. The experts say that those who move in together before marriage are more likely to get divorced and cheat on each other.

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Experts say women may need some relationship advice that when a man asks you to move in, he isn’t asking you to marry him. Without that commitment to marriage, men are less likely to propose and more likely to have an affair. If you end up moving in together before marriage, or before you’ve set your wedding date, you might end up playing at commitment, instead of fully committing.

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