By Abbi Comphel

Scott Disick made latest celebrity news this week. According to, there were photos from Entertainment Tonight of Kris Jenner taking her grandchildren to visit Disick in rehab. Although the former celebrity couple Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are over, they are still being civil because of their children. Disick checked in about a week and a half ago. These celebrity exes may be over for good, but at least they are making it work for the sake of their children.

This celebrity news is definitely not uplifting. What are some ways to support your ex when you have kids?

Cupid’s Advice:¬†

Having kids can really change things when you are in a relationship. They must become your first priority and you have to think about them first when things are happening. Here are some ways to support your ex when having kids:

1. Have them visit: If your ex is in a bad situation and needs support then you and your kids should be there for them. It can make things better and give them a reason to want to be better.

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2. Explain to them: You should first explain to your children what is taking place. Do not leave them in the unknown because then things will just get worse. Explain to them why your ex needs support and how you guys can help.

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3. Be civil: If you have hard feelings towards your ex, do not let it be known. The children come first in these relationships and that is who you should be thinking about. Do not let them lose a relationship with their other parent just because you are upset.

What are the best ways to support your ex when you have kids? Comment below!