By Kyanah Murphy

The latest in celebrity news is a cute one. After a whopping 37 weeks, Wilmer Valderrama managed to get “payback” with his celebrity love, Demi Lovato. On Oct. 20, a brave Valderrama posted a selfie on Instagram that featured a sleeping Lovato at his side! According to, Lovato posted a picture of Valderrama back in February fast asleep on her and this was Valderrama’s payback, many months later. It looks like this celebrity couple knows how to have a bit of fun with one another. We’re sure Lovato isn’t too mad at Valderrama for being brave and posting the sleepy photo.

This celebrity news came in the form of payback! What are some ways joking with your partner can make your relationship stronger?

Cupid’s Advice:

There’s just something really cute with this celebrity news and the playfulness of joking with your partner. They say laughter is the best medicine, so here’s how joking with your partner can make your relationship stronger:

1. Joking can diffuse tension: Well, the joke has to be well timed of course otherwise the opposite effect could happen. But if you can manage to diffuse a tense situation, you and your partner will be able to resolve the issue you’re having.

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2. You might be less defensive: In a playful, light-hearted atmosphere, we can hear what’s said to us in a different way and can tolerate learning and hearing things about ourselves that might be otherwise unpleasant to take in.

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3. You can create inside jokes together: An inside joke is something only you and someone else will understand. When the joke comes up, it will probably get at the very least a smile out of you and your partner. Not to mention, if you two are the only ones “in” on the joke, you’re creating intimacy which will bring you closer together.

What are some ways you’re playful with your partner? Comment below!