By Abbi Comphel

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ former celebrity couple Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner have finally moved on from their Vanity Fair drama and have found common ground post celebrity divorce! Kris was hurt by some of the words Caitlyn had said in the now-famous Vanity Fair interview. Kris told, “Obviously, I was angry. But we are all good now and have moved past it.” That’s good to hear! The celebrity exes have been spotted having dinner and enjoying family functions with their biological daughters and the rest of the children.

This former celebrity couple is letting bygones be bygones. How do you put relationship drama in the past?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Most break-ups have been known to not end on such a positive note. Cupid has some advice on how to put relationship drama in the past:

1. Closure: In order to move on from relationship drama, the best thing to do is talk it out. Although this drama happened in the past, there may still be some kinks that need to be worked through. Don’t let it eat at you; talk it out.

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2. Friendship: The best part of a break-up is the possible friendship that can come from it. If you ended with some relationship drama, figure it out! Don’t lose a friend over something small.

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3. Realization: Come to the realization that some things are just not meant to be. Not everyone is going to get along and sometimes friendships are better off than relationships. Once you come to that realization, and can move past the drama and things will be better.

Do you have some advice on how to put relationship drama in the past? Comment below!