By E!’s Famously Single Dating Coach, Laurel House

In this week’s dating advice video, relationship expert and E!’s Famously Single dating coach, Laurel House talks about how jealousy impacts your friendships. Her dating advice is simple: Just because you’re in a relationship and love doesn’t mean you have to drop your opposite sex friends.

Dating Advice from E!’s Famously Single Dating Coach Laurel House That Will Help Your Friendships

Being in a committed relationship is not a single gender jail, where your partner is the bodyguard. The relationship expert offers everyone a reality check: Friends often last longer than new lovers. Your BFF’s have been there through the good times and the bad. So don’t disengage with your friends when you’re spoken for and decide to go back when you’re single. You’ll most likely lose a lot of friends that way.

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House also reveals that you can be friends with people of the opposite sex! Her dating advice? As long as you both have an understanding that you’re just friends, then it shouldn’t impact your love life. There should be no lying or hiding your friends from your partner. But make sure you have a conversation with your honey to talk about your comfort levels.

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