Cupid's Pulse Article: George Clooney Says ‘No’ to Another WeddingCupid's Pulse Article: George Clooney Says ‘No’ to Another Wedding

Will reporters ever stop asking George Clooney if he’s getting married?  Probably not, and according to People, Piers Morgan had a shot at asking last week when Clooney appeared on his CNN show, Piers Morgan Tonight.  “I hate to blow your whole news story, but I was married,” Clooney told Morgan.  Nick Clooney, George’s father, appeared on the show with his son and used his own 51-year marriage to George’s mom Nina as an example of why he should reconsider.  However, George, who was wed to actress Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993, believes once is enough.  He added, “I’ve proven how good I was at it, and I just. … I’m allowed one.”

After divorce, should you give marriage another shot?

Cupid’s Advice:

After a marriage dissolves, you may feel like you never want to get married again.  Cupid has some ideas on whether to tie the knot a second time:

1. Second time’s a charm: If you’ve found someone and want to get married again, why not walk down the aisle a second time?  Just because it didn’t work the first time doesn’t mean it won’t work the second time with the right person.

2. Don’t blame marriage: So you never want to say “I do” again.  But remember that the marriage ended because you were with the wrong person: you shouldn’t blame the institution.

3. Marriage isn’t for everyone: If you feel like you’re just not the marrying type, let any future partners know that while you’re interested in commitment, you’re just not willing to tie the knot.