Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Video Interview: Love Advice From HGTV Host Kelly EdwardsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Video Interview: Love Advice From HGTV Host Kelly Edwards

By Rebecca White

Home improvement and lifestyle expert Kelly Edwards shares all of the ins and outs of designing and redecorating your home for the summer season in our exclusive celebrity interview. Moving in together is a big step for any relationship and love, and tackling the design process can be daunting. Don’t fret though! In our celebrity video interview, Edwards chats about how to compromise if your design styles don’t match up and how to save money and stay on a budget. Plus, she shares the piece of love advice that helps keep her 11-year marriage strong.

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Kelly Edwards Shares Love Advice For Decorating and Design In Celebrity Video Interview

If you’re moving in as a couple and your design styles don’t match up, compromising is the best solution. Take a cue from Edwards’ own story: “I had a coffee table that my husband hated, so I told him if we put it in the space and he still hated it after 30 days, then he could take it out,” she says. “Well, 30 days later, he forgot it was even there. I got to keep it! Now, he’s in love with it, and it looks amazing.”

Don’t be scared of the design and decorating process — you don’t have to do it all at once. “It should happen over time,” the lifestyle expert explains. “You should have a curated space that’s all you, and you’ve found pieces along the way from traveling or picking it up together as a couple.”

You can also save money while designing your home by having some do-it-yourself pieces. “I love to say that, if it has good bones and good structure, then you should keep it,” she says. “You should have things in your home that you love.”

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Lifestyle Expert Talks Relationships and Love

It’s no surprise that Edwards and her husband — a photographer — both travel a lot. “We both travel often, so I say that’s the key to happy marriage,” she shares in our celebrity video interview. “We travel together and separately too.”

Being in a relationship and love for over a decade is no easy task! Edwards’ love advice for a lasting partnership is to find an interest you can share. “Have a hobby you like to do together, so you’re always falling in love with something new,” the HGTV star says. “[My husband and I] are big foodies, and we love to travel, so every time we go to a place we haven’t been before, we can experience that together. We’re creating memories, so later on, no one else has that particular memory but us.”

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