Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Leighton Meester Says She’s Never Been DumpedCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Leighton Meester Says She’s Never Been Dumped

By Meranda Yslas

Actress Leighton Meester shared her latest celebrity news that isn’t too difficult to believe: she’s never experienced a celebrity break-up! The Gossip Girl star explains, “I’ve never been dumped I guess, but I’ve been hurt.” Hopefully the fear of experiencing a split has gone since tying the knot with her husband actor Adam Brody. According to E! Online , the two celebrated their celebrity wedding back in February 2014 and remain madly in love. Since then Meester has been focusing a lot of her attention on her friends and family. She shares, “My values have shifted greatly in terms of what I find important. It’s my family, my friends and having a personal life. Those are the things that need nurturing.”

This piece of celebrity news makes us jealous! How can you prepare for a big break-up if you’ve never been dumped before?

Cupid’s Advice:

Although the latest celebrity news shows that some people don’t experience being dumped, that’s normally not the case. Break-ups hurt and if you’re not prepared for them, they can catch you off guard. Here are some relationship tips to prepare yourself for a split:

1. Remember your hobbies: If your life has become centered around your beau, it may be time to pick up some of your old hobbies that you left in your past. Join a book club, start hiking again, or volunteer. It’s important to make sure you still have a life if one day your relationship ends.

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2. Spend time with your friends: Sometimes when you’re involved in a relationship, you sacrifice time with your friends. Make sure to keep contact with them and maintain a good relationship because they’ll be the ones ready to offer you shoulder to cry on.

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3. Parents know best: As cheesy as it sounds, sometimes picking up the phone and talking to your mom is all you need. She probably has been though a lot more than you and she always has the best advice to give.

What love advice can you share to those who never experienced a break-up? Share below.