Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Video Interview: Meryl Davis and Charlie White Dish About Their Love Lives!Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Video Interview: Meryl Davis and Charlie White Dish About Their Love Lives!

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Jenna Bagcal.

From winning gold medals at the 2014 Winter Olympics to appearing on Dancing With the Stars, Meryl Davis and Charlie White know what it means to have a lasting and successful partnership. After such a phenomenal year, the duo is taking some time off from training to pursue other projects, including traveling across the country with the Stars on Ice Tour and returning to the University of Michigan to finish their degrees. Earlier this week, on Mar. 11, the athletes appeared at the airweave store opening in Soho as brand ambassadors for the company, and Executive Editor and Founder Lori Bizzoco was there to chat with the duo in this celebrity video interview.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White Discuss Their Partnership in Celebrity Video Interview

Having trained together since 1997, Davis and White are currently the longest-lasting ice dancing team in the United States. They credit their partnership to a number of different factors. “I think that we want the same things,” Davis reveals. “But I think also having a set of parents and having families that instilled similar values and raised us in very similar ways — raised us to respect not only each other but other people — has really been the foundation to our relationship.”

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White adds that, despite their long partnership, they’re fortunate enough not to get into any huge disagreements. “We always knew that, even when we disagreed on something, we were trying to get to the same place,” he says. “The key for us was just keeping our eyes on the prize and knowing that, either way, it was going to be a win for us because we just cared so much.”

Celebrity Athletes Talk About Their Relationships and Love Lives

Thanks to their compatibility and convincing performances on the ice, people often mistake Davis and White for a famous couple. However, White is currently engaged to former ice dancer Tanith Belbin. “She retired in 2010, and having her support through the last four years was really so significant to my ability to both succeed and really enjoy the whole process.,” he reveals. “She was such an amazing pillar of strength and one that I definitely used as much as possible.” He also confirmed that their celebrity wedding is set for the end of April. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Davis, who has been linked to her DWTS partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, assures us that the two are just friends. “We had an amazing relationship, and we still have an amazing relationship.” she explains. “It wasn’t a romantic relationship, but we were really fortunate to have a really special friendship.” She also divulges that she is seeing someone but remained quiet on any further details about her relationship and love life.

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