Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice on How to Meet Someone for Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice on How to Meet Someone for Valentine’s Day

By April Davis

With Valentine’s around the corner, you may feel a lot of pressure to find the person who’s right for you.  Relationships and love are something that few people put much effort and energy into finding.

Many think that if you just sit back, then it will just happen when it happens.  The problem is that it won’t happen while you’re sitting on the couch.  Here’s some dating advice you can use to meet your Valentine.

1. First thing’s first – Get rid of the idea that Valentine’s day is the deadline. 

It can be a checkpoint, but not a deadline.  It’s a process to find the person you can spend the rest of your life with and there are steps involved.  It’s not like buying a car where you can go to the dealer and give your preferences on features, color, etc.  Remember  it will take some time and effort to meet the one for you and there are a billion possible matches for you, but it can be a lot of fun in the meantime if you’re open-minded.

2. Wear red.

When you’re out and about at social gatherings or just any given day at work or the grocery store, take advantage of the Winter seasonal colors and wear red.  This will attract attention to yourself and it’s sexy.  Also, research has shown that people are more attracted to both women AND men who wear red.

3. Get out and be seen.

Your future King or Queen isn’t going to find you in front of your TV at home.  Get online and find all the singles events, happy hours, business networking events, nonprofit fundraisers, etc. and get them on your calendar. This dating advice can save you a lot of worry, so be proactive. These places are full of professionals and many of them are going to be single.  The places you go to meet people don’t all have to be singles events.  When you are at these events don’t forget to smile and try out your refined conversation skills.  One trick to open the door for conversation at an event, go up to someone you’d like to meet, have a drink in your hand, and say, “Cheers”.  Most anyone will respond positively.

4. Learn how to make a connection with someone while in conversation. 

This really is a skill set and not everyone knows how to do it. One thing you can do to start improving in this area is to initiate conversations with anyone you meet.  Don’t wait to only talk with people you’re attracted to or want to date.  It’s smarter to be friendly and practice connecting with anyone you meet.

If you’re in the elevator, smile, say hello, and make a comment to the other person sharing it with you.  Maybe you can notice something about their bag, hair, or what they’re wearing. Throw out a compliment to the person working behind the counter.  Ask your server at a restaurant a question such as, “Where are you from?” These are all ways to start a conversation and will help you to build your confidence when it’s time for you to chat it up with someone you are interested in.

5. Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do, and do it. 

If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, then get in the gym.  Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try rock climbing.  There are several groups out there that will provide lessons and get you started.  How great would it be to meet someone there who you already know you have something in common with? Love advice: Don’t forget to wear red 🙂

While Valentine’s Day can feel annoying when you’re single, it’s a reminder to us that relationships play an important role in our lives.  By following these couple of tips, you’re being proactive in your future and finding the person who is right for you.  Then next year you may even be spending Valentine’s with your new partner.

April Davis, founder of Cupid’s Cronies is sharing some of her tips for meeting someone this Valentine’s Day. With offices throughout the U.S., Cupid’s Cronies is bringing a lot of love to people through her various services from having a wing woman or wingman alongside them, an online dating assistance or simply just good ol’ fashioned dating coach.