Cupid's Pulse Article: Nick Loeb Is Dating New Actress Post-Celebrity Break-Up From Sofia VergaraCupid's Pulse Article: Nick Loeb Is Dating New Actress Post-Celebrity Break-Up From Sofia Vergara

By Maggie Manfredi

These celebrity exes aren’t wallowing! According to UsMagazine.comSofia Vergara has publicly moved on since  her celebrity break-up with Nick Loeb, and it didn’t take long for Loeb to do the same. The Onion Crunch creator is now dating actress Katheryn Winnick. The famous couple have been dating for a few months now and were spotted at Golden Globes parties together. Loeb and Vergara split in May after their celebrity engagement.

Celebrity break-ups are hard due to the public nature of them, but social media has now made our everyday relationships and love life more public, too. How do you cope when everyone knows about your break-up or divorce?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Dealing with a break-up or divorce is hard enough without having to add social pressures to the mix.  Cupid has some tips:

1. Delete a post if necessary: Unlike celebrity break-ups, you won’t have celebrity photos in the tabloids. However, you will still feel pressure if you have the old pictures of you and your ex online. It isn’t fun to have the relationship right in front of your face every time you scroll through your feed. So, delete what you need to in order to feel better.

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2. New partner means new rules: When you have taken the time you need from your past relationship and moved on like these celebrity exes, be honest with your new fling. Everyone has a past, so having an open and honest conversation about moving forward together will be a great start to your relationship.

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3. Don’t sweat the small stuff: People will always talk. There is an old saying that “all press is good press” which may either be true or false. But, the point is that there’s no need to release your own announcement in the form of  a Facebook status update. Don’t take things personally, and commit yourself to having a bright future.

How do you keep a low profile post break-up? Share your advice below.