Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘She’s Out of My League,’ Starring Jay BaruchelCupid's Pulse Article: ‘She’s Out of My League,’ Starring Jay Baruchel
Here’s a romantic comedy about a scrawny-looking TSA worker, Joe (Jay Baruchel, “Knocked Up”) who meets a sexy event planner, Molly (Alice Eve“Sex and the City 2”) when he comes to her rescue at airport security.  Surprisingly, the two break the rules of attraction and begin dating.  Although family and friends question their relationship, they ultimately stay together.  Why?  Because that’s where they belong.

Do opposites really attract?

Cupid’s Advice:

What one person deems beautiful may not be another person’s definition of beauty.  Find your opposite by doing the following:

1. Throw away that list of criteria: Sometimes we put up a block and only allow certain people into our lives.  Thinking bigger and broader about dating, will provide more options for finding someone special.

2. Don’t be pressured by the opinions of others: If your family and friends question your commitment to a man or woman who doesn’t seem to measure up to you, remember that they aren’t the ones dating him or her. Only you know what you feel inside.

3. It’s the inside the counts: Beauty fades over time, but a person with good intentions and character typically remains the same.

If you’re dating a person who appears to be “out of your league,” just remember that they may be feeling the same way about you!

DVD Release Date: June 21