Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Celebrate the New Year with a New BabyCupid's Pulse Article: How to Celebrate the New Year with a New Baby

By Courtney Omernick

You may think that all of the fun of New Year’s is over because you have a new baby in the house, but guess again! Just because your newborn is taking control of how you spend your time doesn’t mean you have to have a dull New Year’s celebration. Check out some fun ways to celebrate New Year’s with your baby in tow:

1. Host a slumber party: If you have enough space in your home, consider inviting a few of your friends who have children to party at your place. Yes, your house will have even more chaos because of the extra children, but this gives your friends an incentive to get out of the house and celebrate too! You can even have it catered to take some of the pressure off of you and your partner.

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2. Dress up: If you’re planning a night in, you don’t have to resort to sweats! Add some sparkle to the event by wearing a skirt or dress (for her) and a bowtie and suit (for him). Make sure to include your new baby in the festivites by dressing them up in a cute outfit too!

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3. Bring your baby to the party: Obviously, this option depends on the type of party you’re attending. After all, you won’t want to bring your baby to a loud bar. But if you’re going to a friend’s house, you might be able to bring your newborn along. If there’s a place in your friend’s home where you can put your child down for bed, you won’t even have to worry about interrupting their usual routine.

How else can you celebrate the New Year with a new baby? Share your ideas in the comments!