Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Protect Yourself From Online HackersCupid's Pulse Article: How to Protect Yourself From Online Hackers

By Emily Meyer

As most of you have probably heard, someone recently hacked the accounts of countless celebrities through iCloud and released some not so G-rated pictures. This leaked photo scandal has targeted many A-list stars, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, and Lauren Skaar, just to name a few. Taking nude photos for your partner is becoming more and more common in our generation, but even celebrities aren’t immune to the threat of peeping toms. It’s very important for us to be informed about the programs we are using and aware of just who may be able to gain access to our most private mementos. With that thought in mind, here’s Cupid’s advice on social media security and how to protect yourself:

1. Don’t use the app if you don’t know how it works: With all of the new technology these days, it can be very tricky to know exactly what you are sharing or deleting. If you want to use an app but aren’t sure how it works, take a day to figure out all of the quirks of the program. Next thing you know, you’ll be an expert on how to use it without worrying! 

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2. Make sure that only you and your partner have access to your account: It’s important that you two agree on a highly secure and strong password to protect your account. There are many steps you both can take to increase security, such as disabling file sharing and enabling a two-step verification. This way, hacking into your account is nearly impossible.

3. Stay informed: It is important to understand all of the risks you run before taking nude pictures for your significant other. If you or your partner feels uncomfortable, don’t do it or at the very least use a firewall checker to prevent strangers from accessing your information.

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4. Think before you act: Make sure this is really something you want to do. There are plenty of other ways to show your beau that you’re thinking about them; you don’t have to take nude pictures. We’re sure J. Law wishes she could take another approach!

5. Use a medium other than your phone: Of course, the easiest way to protect yourself from online leaks is to keep your love life offline. Substitute using your phone or computer by reminding your partner that you care in a sweeter way. Write them a love letter or surprise them with their favorite meal to show that you’re thinking about them — without running the risk.

Cupid wants to know: How do you protect yourself from online hackers? Tell us in the comments below!