Cupid's Pulse Article: Amazing Race Couple Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith Are Married and ExpectingCupid's Pulse Article: Amazing Race Couple Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith Are Married and Expecting

The Amazing Race is full of surprises, like underdogs winning it all, leaders falling into last place and challenges that test the mind and body.  Love entered the picture as well when contestant Chad Waltrip proposed to teammate and girlfriend Stephanie Smith during the show’s 17th season, despite their tumultuous time on the show.  “Early on we struggled, had a tough time and I second-guessed myself,” admitted Chad Waltrip.  “I was so amped up and we fought a lot.”  Since the couple’s elimination and intermission from the spotlight, they completed their nuptials, and are expecting their first child.

How do you cut back on fighting in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith’s relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing.  Cupid has some ideas to make your relationship calmer:

1. Figure out the reason: It’s important to recognize why you’re fighting, and from where the problems come.  By recognizing what sparks your arguments, you can work on strengthening your relationship.

2. Listen closely: Sometimes when people are angry, true feelings spill out.  Pay attention to what your partner is saying, even in anger.  Then, talk about those true feelings instead of the extra fluff surrounding them.

3. Discuss in depth: If you make nice too quickly and don’t discuss why you started arguing in the first place, chances are that you’ll be fighting again before you know it.  Sit down with your partner and have a calm discussion about what you can do to strengthen your relationship and prevent further arguments.