Cupid's Pulse Article: Jill Duggar Celebrates Second Week AnniversaryCupid's Pulse Article: Jill Duggar Celebrates Second Week Anniversary

By Shannon Seibert

With one of the most unique fairytales, newlyweds Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard shared a romantic evening on the town to celebrate two official weeks of marriage. The 19 Kids and Counting star Instagrammed a photo of her and her new hubby at the dinner table, grinning from ear to ear. The pair shared their first kiss together on the day of their wedding and have seemed elated ever since, according to

What are some unique milestones to celebrate as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Everyone knows the first year anniversary, the 25, and 50 year markers are traditionally significant to a marriage, but each couple can celebrate relationship markers that are significant to them individually. When celebrating your time with your beloved, take into account these special dates that we’ve pulled together for you and your hubby.

1. 100 day anniversary: The lucky 100! You and your honey have spent 100 days together as husband and wife, and hopefully there are many more to come. 100 is a traditionally lucky number so celebrate this day with all things 100. Come up with 100 things you love about each other, 100 things you want to do together as a couple, and maybe 100 places you want to go together.

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2. The anniversary of your first kiss: For some this is the same as the first date, but for others this can be something different entirely. The first kiss became the first of many, and it’s a relevant milestone to celebrate. Kissing is highly romantic and a first kiss is usually greatly anticipated. Couples such as Duggar and Dillard who waited until their wedding day for their first kiss, this occasion can seem more monumental. Marvel in your past anticipation and be thankful that you’ll have many more kisses to anticipate.

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3. The anniversary of the day you first met: Some couples met when they were five years-old, for others they met a little over a year ago. Every couple has a story and this occasion is perfect for reminiscing in yours. Utilize this day as a time for seeing how much you’ve changed as a couple from the beginning. Chances are, you aren’t the same people you were. In fact, there’s an even greater chance that you’ve made each other even better than you used to be.

What are some creative milestones that you’ve celebrated with your man? Share with us in the comments below!