Cupid's Pulse Article: Serena Williams Crashes Wedding in Leopard-Print SwimsuitCupid's Pulse Article: Serena Williams Crashes Wedding in Leopard-Print Swimsuit

By Shannon Seibert

Wedding crashing is one thing, but wedding crashing in animal-print pool attire is something else. Tennis star Serena Williams shocked one unsuspecting couple on Saturday, May 31 at their wedding ceremony on the beach in Miami, Fla. Williams had been posing for a shoot with friend and fellow athlete, Caroline Wozniacki. Williams came across the wedding ceremony and decided to pop in to give her best to the couple on their special day. The delighted couple then invited Williams to be a part of some of their wedding photos, according to

What are some ways to surprise your wedding guests?

Cupid’s Advice: 

1. Put on a performance: A couple’s first dance is supposed to make a huge statement that reflects the couple’s relationships. Some brides submit their hubbies-to-be to weeks of dance lessons. Really wow your guests with a dance number. You could begin a flashmob, including the bridal and groom parties or even put on an impressive waltz that will have your mother’s eyes watering in awe. Just have fun with it and make musical memories with the love of your life.

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2. Make a random change in venue: Spontaneity never disappoints, ever. If your wedding is inside, but the weather is absolutely enchanting outdoors, relocate outside the venue last second. I mean it’s your wedding, right? Sure, you may not have all of the decorations you wanted, or the traditional appeal, but spur of the moment decisions is what makes this wedding yours. The day is what you make of it, so if you want to create your fairytale in the parking lot, so be it!

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3. Channel your inner Oprah: “You get a gift! He gets a gift! She gets a gift! You all get gifts!” Free stuff is the best stuff. Let’s be honest, this day is all about you, but your guests do want to feel included and appreciated on your special day. Show them some love with adorable personalized gifts, with an inside joke or an item that reflects their personal taste, such as a certain type of wine bottle. The gesture will show how much you care and they’ll be even happier that they attended.

Did you surprise your guests on your special day? Tell us your story in the comments below!