Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘American Idol’ Contestant Dexter Roberts on Relationships: “Keep Pushing Each Other to Become Stronger”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘American Idol’ Contestant Dexter Roberts on Relationships: “Keep Pushing Each Other to Become Stronger”

By Liz Kim

Dexter Roberts, 22, stood out on this season of American Idol, not just because of his smooth country crooning but because of his easygoing demeanor and always present smile. Nothing seemed to shake him, and even after landing in the bottom two this week, he took it all in stride. “I just don’t know what happened this week,” he shares. “I had a great time on the show, and I know I’ll have a great time on tour.”

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For Wednesday night’s performances, the contestants picked out each other’s songs, and despite the preconceived notion that competition brings out the worst in people, all of the singers looked out for each other. “It was easy to pick songs for each other because we know what kind of artists we want to be and we didn’t want to jeopardize each other.” C.J. Harris picked “Muckalee Creek Water” by Luke Bryan for Roberts, and although he got generally positive reviews, he was ultimately eliminated.

The Fayette, Alabama native won fans over with his Southern twang, and despite getting some criticism about diction and pronunciation, the singer says that’s just who he is — but he’ll work on it. Ever the perfectionist, he actually wishes he had gotten tougher criticism. “I wanted the judges to be harsh on me because criticism helps you become a better artist,” he says. “I told C.J. that I love criticism because it drives me more. It puts fuel onto my fire and makes me want to do better each week.”

Roberts got particularly close to fellow contestants Caleb Johnson and Harris, but Harris and Roberts had already been friends for over five years before Idol. They met during spring break in Panama City and bonded over music. Neither friend told the other that he was auditioning for the show because both assumed the other would be there. Roberts made it through first, and after lending Harris his guitar, the good luck must have rubbed off because both friends went on to Hollywood. “It’s just a great experience to get closer and to make it this far.”

Being southern gentlemen, they never let competition get in the way of their friendship. “We’ve always had a great chemistry with each other; he’s like a brother to me. We try to help each other out and fix each other’s technique.”

Not only did Roberts get to go on his Idol journey with a close friend, but he also met his girlfriend Savannah Coker at auditions. Coker, part of the country music band Sweet Tea Trio, didn’t make it to Hollywood but showed her love by being in the audience with Roberts’s mother. “She’s been nothing but great support, and she’s been behind me the whole way,” he gushes. “Along with my family, her family has also supported me so much.”

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When two people in a relationship are chasing the same dream, jealousy and hurt feelings can get in the way, but this couple only wants the best for each other. “Any relationship takes work. Just go in and keep standing by each other and pushing each other to become stronger. Have fun and enjoy life!”

Although he may be done performing on the Idol stage this season, don’t count Roberts out just yet. He has special plans for the Idol finale and the upcoming summer tour. “I’m gonna try to come out and do something different. I’m going to surprise you!”

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