Cupid's Pulse Article: Macaulay Culkin Kisses New Girlfriend Jordan Lane Price in ParisCupid's Pulse Article: Macaulay Culkin Kisses New Girlfriend Jordan Lane Price in Paris

By Brittany Stubbs

The romantic air of Paris has definitely gotten to Macaulay Culkin, as he was seen locking lips with his new girlfriend identified as Jordan Lane Price. The couple was spotted Tuesday, Nov. 26 on the terrace of Cafe de Flore in Paris where they were kissing and holding hands under the table. A source confirms to UsMagazine that the Home Alone star’s new companion is “a cool chick — based in New York,” also stating that the couple has “tons in common.”

How do you show your affection for your partner in public? 

Cupid’s Advice:

We’ve all seen that couple obnoxiously making out over the dinner table that makes us want to yell, “get a room!” It’s uncomfortable and no one wants to be that couple. But there are more appropriate ways to show some public affection for your significant other:

1. Holding Hands: This may sound childish, but there is something sweet and significant about holding the hand of your partner. It’s also PDA appropriate for any age or audience to witness.

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2. Snuggle up: Sitting on the same side of the booth in a restaurant or close against each other on the Subway, shows your partner you love being close to them at all times.

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3. Don’t forget the little things: Refilling your partner’s wine when you’re out to eat, letting them sample a piece of your meal off your fork, and reaching for their hand when waiting for the meal or check to come, are little ways to make your significant other feel special, as well as connected to you.

How have you shown your affection for someone in public? Share your experiences below.