Cupid's Pulse Article: Taylor Swift Says, “I Only Write Songs About Crazy, Emotional Love”Cupid's Pulse Article: Taylor Swift Says, “I Only Write Songs About Crazy, Emotional Love”

By April Littleton

According to People, When it comes to her songwriting inspirations, Taylor Swift has let plenty of ex-boyfriends off the hook. “I only write songs about crazy love,” Swift told New York Magazine. “If I go on two dates with a guy and we don’t click, I’m not writing a song about that. It didn’t matter in the emotional grand scheme of things.” Exes of Swift, 23, include Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles and John Mayer.

What are some ways to use music to cope with a broken heart?

Cupid’s Advice:

Dealing with a broken heart can feel unbearable at times – especially if you weren’t the one who wanted the relationship to end. Every individual handles a breakup in their own way, but music seems to be a common form of self-therapy. Cupid has some tips:

1. Get creative: If you’re musically inclined, think about writing your own song or creating your own depending on what instrument you play. You can make your own heartbreak song or try something a little more positive – think Destiny’s Child’s Survivor.

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2. Listen to your favorites: For some unknown reason, music tends to make the heart happy and can make almost any individual who isn’t feeling there best see the bright side of things. While you’re taking a long, random drive, listen to some of your favorite songs. By the time you put your car in park, you should be feeling a little better about your breakup.

3. Make a game out of it: Play only one song per day that represents the mood you’re in. As the days progress, you should be in better spirits and the songs you choose should be a little more upbeat and inspiring. Don’t let yourself stay in a rut. You can get through this. Let the music be your outlet.

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