Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Grace Unplugged’ Shows the True Meaning of SuccessCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Grace Unplugged’ Shows the True Meaning of Success

By April Littleton

Grace Unplugged is a moving film about a young woman, Grace Trey (played by AJ Michalka) who aspires to be a pop star. Her relationship with her father, Johnny Trey (played by James Denton), who gave up fame when he became a Christian is tested when he warns her that the glamorous life isn’t what it appears to be.

Should you see it:

If you want to see something a little different from the typical rom-com movies, this might be a good choice. Grace Unplugged is a faith-based film, so expect to take away a lesson or two when you leave the theater.

Who to take:

This film would be good to see with anyone you’re close with. Take your friends, family or girlfriend/boyfriend. If you can’t manage to get anyone to tag along with you, you’ll be perfectly fine going solo on this one.

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What are some ways to fix a strained family relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you’re on the outs with someone you care about it seems like everything else around you is falling apart as well. Sometimes, the smallest arguments can lead to even bigger problems, which can leave a once strong relationship in shambles. Cupid is here to help:

1. Start talking: The first step toward rebuilding your relationship is communication. You probably haven’t talked to your loved one since whatever happened between the two of you. Now is the time to readdress the issue without exploding on each other. The first few conversations will be awkward, but you need to define where the two of you stand with each other and see what you need to do to fix the problem.

2. Think positive: Think about some of the things you appreciate about your family member. Keep those traits and good qualities in mind when you’re in the middle of a disagreement. Remind yourself of all the times he/she has been there for you. The two of you might be going through a rough patch right now, but the love is still there.

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3. Agree to disagree: If you can’t seem to settle the issue without fighting, just agree to disagree. Not every problem will have a clear resolution, especially if you can’t see eye-to-eye on the topic. Don’t let something silly ruin the relationship permanently. Move on from whatever is causing you so much trouble and start fresh.

What are some other ways to fix a strained family relationship? Comment below.