Cupid's Pulse Article: Anne Hathaway Talks Trust TroublesCupid's Pulse Article: Anne Hathaway Talks Trust Troubles

When your ex-boyfriend pleads guilty to 14 counts of money laundering, conspiracy, and wire fraud, what’s a girl to do?  Years later, after a highly publicized fall out with ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri, actress Anne Hathaway has found comedic relief when it comes to talking about past relationships. People reported that when Vogue sat down with the actress, and asked about potential deal-breakers, she wittily replied, “Uh…fraud?”  While Hathaway can laugh, looking back, she can’t deny it has left her with trust issues stemming from lies and deceit.  Hathaway is set to star in romantic comedy Love and Other Drugs, which hits theaters November 24.  She says, “Gosh, I hate talking about the breakup, because I don’t want it to define me, but as is to be expected, there were a lot of lingering trust issues, and I think that making a film about trust that required a great deal of trust — well, it was challenging to get there.”

How can you get over trust issues from a past relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Some past relationships can leave you wondering, “How can I ever trust again?”  Here are a few ways to put the past behind you, opening yourself up to new opportunities:

1. Start with you! After enduring a relationship that left you with trust issues, it’s important to do some soul searching.  Before you can even think about starting to trust others, you need to sit down and work through these problems, and learn to trust yourself!

2. Focus on the present: While things might not have ended well in the past, don’t pass up new opportunities just to prevent yourself from getting hurt again!  We’ve all been there; what’s important is that you walk away having learned something.  Try to get comfortable with the idea of giving people the benefit of the doubt again.

3. Talk it out: If you’re thinking about starting a new relationship with someone, make sure you give your new beau a heads up on your issues with trust.  Why?  Because if you find yourself lashing out, he’ll know where it’s coming from.  Remember he’s given you no reason not to trust him.  Give him the chance to prove himself!